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The Brindle Bernedoodles are the puppies that will capture everyone’s attention, thanks to their shimmering brindle coat. Brindle Bernedoodles are one of the rarest you can get and their coat has a unique pattern of black and another color, usually brown or red. 

Brindle Bernedoodles have an eye-catching color combination that reflects their playful spirit and adventurous nature. This designer breed wouldn’t be possible if not for Poodle intelligence and Bernese Mountain Dog friendliness. The result? A puppy that is eager to please and be around people becomes a loyal companion for life.

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Short Summary

  • Brindle Bernedoodles have versatile coat color combinations, showcasing creamy fur with darker patches around their eyes and ears. 
  • The designer breed usually comes in a fleece coat type that is either straight or wavy and easy to groom or a wool coat type with looping curls that tend to tangle up if not thoroughly brushed. 
  • Brindle Bernedoodles have an affectionate and charming personality that makes them excellent family dogs. They are smart, calm, and eager to be around their owners. 
  • Central Illinois Doodles adheres to the highest breeding standards, raising healthy and strong Bernedoodle puppies for families all over the US.

A Coat Bursting with Energy

Brindle Bernedoodle coats typically feature patterns of dark and light strips and sometimes even reddish spots on their backs. Most puppies will have darker spots on their face or back but rarely on their paws. As the puppy gets older, their brindle stripes blend in.

Being a designer breed, different generations of the breed will have different coat types:

  • Fleece: Sharing an equal generic makeup of both parents, Bernedoodles may have silky straight or wavy coats. It is effortless to maintain – a few brushes a week is enough to prevent matting and tangling. Professional grooming is needed less often, too.
  • Wool: Bernedoodles with wool coats resemble Poodles, one of their purebred parents. Puppies can develop denser and curlier fur, which will surely steal the hearts of anyone seeing the canine. Although a wool coat is harder to maintain, it is more hypoallergenic and sheds much less than a straight coat.
Brindle Bernedoodle

Playful Companion for All Ages

Beyond the captivating coat, Brindle Bernedoodles are easy to fall in love with. Many American families choose this designer breed for its gentle and affectionate temperament. The great choice of purebred parents is very distinctive in Bernedoodle puppies. 

Brindle Bernedoodles inherit the intelligence and loyalty of the Poodle, while the Bernese Mountain Dog traits make these puppies devoted companions. Whether you take your Brindle Bernedoodle on a day-long adventure or lounge at home, your puppy is the first one to join you. 

Thanks to the Poodle genetic makeup, Brindle Bernedoodles don’t shed as often, making them an excellent allergy-friendly choice.

Central Illinois Doodles – Raising Happy and Healthy Bernedoodles

At Central Illinois Doodles, responsible breeding is our foremost priority, adhered to diligently every day. Our commitment revolves around nurturing healthy and robust Brindle Bernedoodles through the best breeding practices.

We start by selecting healthy, purebred parents that later go through testing to ensure Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs are free of genetic diseases.

From the moment Bernedoodles are born, our puppies grow up in a loving family environment, socialized and well-cared for. Surrounded by other puppies, we help them develop into confident companions before they join your family.

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At Central Illinois Doodles, we specialize in the ethical breeding of Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles that will bring endless happiness to families around the US. Located in Illinois, our facility is equipped with everything we need to get your puppy ready to join your household.

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