Central Illinois Doodles is a family-owned and operated Goldendoodle Breeder with a spacious country setting, located in the beautiful countryside outside downtown Chicago. We worked hard to build a reputation as the best Goldendoodle breeder in Illinois, and we’re fortunate to have many devoted customers that agree. Our top priority as a reputable Goldendoodle breeder is to ensure our puppies are happy and healthy with outstanding temperaments. All our adults are health-tested to ensure we produce only the best Goldendoodle puppies for sale in the Chicago area.

Unlike many other Goldendoodle breeders, we follow a strict socialization protocol to make sure your next Goldendoodle puppy is well-socialized and does well with children and other family pets. All of our Goldendoodles come with a two year health guarantee. Rest assured, if you are shopping for a Goldendoodle puppy for your family, look no further than Central Illinois Doodles.

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Is a Goldendoodle Puppy Right for My Family?

Think of Goldendoodles as the perfect blend and version of an intelligent Poodle and a loving Golden Retriever. They’re cute, charming, and kind – plus, they’re healthier than other breeds.

While purebred dogs often face health problems, the health clearances of Goldendoodles are recognized and stand above the fold of many other cross-breeds. Our unique cross-breed Goldendoodles are developed with the best characteristics of the parent breeds, generally adult purebred Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and Goldendoodles. Goldendoodles are one of the most popular breeds in the United States for a reason…They mature gracefully and have a moderate energy level, making them ideal companions for an active lifestyle and family.

Our Goldendoodle Puppies are Raised in Happy, Healthy Homes

Our Goldendoodles are well-adjusted, family-raised pets with lots of love to give to the right family. We are committed to raising happy, healthy Goldendoodle puppies who will become beloved family pets, service dogs, or therapy dogs. 

We take pride in putting our dogs’ and Goldendoodle pups’ health first, and we never compromise on the quality of their health and well-being. Our goal is to see them live a long life full of love and joy.

So, yes — A Goldendoodle puppy is perfect for your family. And, as we are a family Goldendoodle breeder located in Illinois, we can ensure our love for these puppies will be passed on to you and your family.

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What Goldendoodles Do We Offer?

Each new litter of Goldendoodles is unique and may inherit various features from each parent breed. That is why it is crucial to pick a reliable Goldendoodle breeder with expertise in both parent breeds.

Every puppy has a unique personality waiting to develop with your love and care, as all dog owners know.

Standard Goldendoodle Breeder

Standard Goldendoodles are the offspring of a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. This first-generation hybrid will have wavy, low to non-shedding, and allergy-friendly coats (50% Golden Retriever/50% Poodle).

The standard is the largest Goldendoodle size, ranging in height and weight from 25 – 28 inches to 65- 90 pounds. Typically, Standard Goldendoodle weighs between 50 and 65 pounds and stands between 23 and 25 inches in height.

Families adore standard Goldendoodles because of their prominent playful personalities and peaceful, friendly demeanors.

Mini Goldendoodle Breeder

Our F1 Mini Goldendoodle puppies are the offspring of Miniature Poodles bred with Golden Retrievers. The Miniature or Mini Goldendoodle grows between 15 and 20 inches tall and weighs between 25 and 35 pounds when fully grown.

This size Goldendoodle is the sweet spot — people who live in large homes with enclosed yards and those who live in condominiums or townhouses love this size.

Toy Goldendoodle Breeder

Toy Goldendoodle puppies are our smallest Goldendoodles available. These little cuties weigh less than 25 pounds (usually 10-25 pounds) and range in height from 10 to 18 inches. The Toy F1B Goldendoodle is a cross between a Toy Poodle and an F1 Mini Goldendoodle. (25% Golden Retriever / 75% Poodle)

Individuals who live in smaller living areas such as apartments or condos should accommodate a Toy Goldendoodle quite easily if they have access to the outdoors.

Our Toy Goldendoodles have the sweetest personalities and hypoallergenic qualities, making them another popular choice.

Goldendoodle Traits

  • Fun-loving and playful personality

  • Higher-energy, love to run and be active

  • Excellent service dogs for those with disabilities
  • Good with children

  • Low-to-non shedding

  • For allergy-friendly needs, F1b puppies are optimal

  • Standard-sized need space to stretch

  • Mini or tiny sizes available for smaller spaces

What to Look for in a Top-Rated Goldendoodle Breeder in Illinois

When choosing your next family pet, it’s always a good choice to work with a family breeder. Raising puppies is our job; our passion; our calling. Each of our healthy puppies for sale will envelop the characteristics mentioned above but have individualized unique qualities that we want you to look for. A good breeder in Illinois will only show you what they want you to see, but a reputable breeder in Illinois will go the extra mile to ensure health, promise a warranty and be fully honest with your next Goldendoodle puppy.

Here are some things Central Illinois Doodles offers that others don’t:

Goldendoodle Health Warranty

Responsible Goldendoodle breeders are concerned about their puppy’s health and check their parent dogs for hereditary problems. Our parent dogs and puppies undergo a comprehensive set of health and DNA tests to ensure you get the healthiest dog possible.

All of our adorable Goldendoodles come with a 2-year written genetic health guarantee. As Professional Goldendoodle breeders, we do everything possible to ensure that our Goldendoodles are the happiest and healthiest. We utilize the latest OFA DNA testing to guarantee our litters’ are 100% healthy through genetic confirmation for risks of hip dysplasia and other inherited diseases.

Only buy a puppy if you are 100% comfortable with the breeder you work with.


Reputable Goldendoodle breeders are open and upfront with their customers. They must answer any of your questions about their breeding program and the dogs they breed with honesty and competence.

If they do their job well, they will have a good breeding reputation by following through on their promises and professionally handling issues.

At Central Illinois Doodles, we are Goldendoodle breeders that operate with openness and transparency.

Why Choose Us as Goldendoodle Breeders in Illinois?

Central Illinois Doodles has a reputation for being the best Toy and Mini Goldendoodle breeders in Illinois. Here’s why:

Genetically Tested and Guaranteed

“Genetically tested” sounds good, but what does that mean?

Simply put, it means that your puppy comes from carefully chosen parent dogs whose lineages have been OFA DNA tested for genetic issues and common health concerns. As a result, all of our puppies come with written guarantees that they are free of health conditions and genetic disorders.

Temperament is also a priority for us, and our goal is to ensure that the dogs we breed are the best match, not just for adorable puppies but well-tempered ones, too.

Variety of Sizes and Colors

Our Goldendoodles come in various sizes, from standard to miniature to toy, encapsulating the breed in a lovely tiny package!

Every litter features a wide range of hues, from white to brown to tan and everything in between. The coat types of our Goldendoodle pups range from wavy to wavy with loose curls to very curly.

Whatever your preference, they are all extremely precious!

Highly Intelligent Goldendoodle Puppies

With both of its parent types ranked in the world’s top ten most intelligent dog breeds, canine psychologists position the Goldendoodle between the Poodle and Golden Retriever.

Owners will be thrilled to see that our little Goldendoodle puppies are already displaying indications of their intelligence as they learn and play in their new surroundings at just a few weeks old.

While other breeds at the same age may be distant and unsure of their place in the family, our Goldendoodle pups bond quickly and develop devotion and loyalty at a young age.

Goldendoodle breeders can ensure that their puppies inherit the best and healthiest qualities by carefully selecting parent dogs.

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At Central Illinois Doodles, we want to assist you in making one of the best decisions you’ll ever make: bringing a Goldendoodle puppy into your life.

Check out our available puppies page to learn more about our current litters. We look forward to talking with you about our current or upcoming litters and helping you reserve your Goldendoodle puppy.