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White Bernedoodles are pure balls of joy and happiness; their fluffy and angelic coat is the most sought-after color of all. Don’t be fooled by their snowy coat, though! They may seem peaceful and cuddly, but White Bernedoodles are no less energetic and playful than other dogs. All because this designer breed inherits the gentle temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the intelligence of a Poodle.

White Bernedoodles are perfect puppies for families who appreciate canine companionship and enjoy an active lifestyle where Bernedoodles can thrive.

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Short Summary

  • White Bernedoodles showcase white coat, often with brown, tan, or black spots on their back or face. 
  • White Bernedoodle can have a fleece coat that is straight or wavy and a wool coat that is curly but requires thorough grooming. 
  • White Bernedoodles not only look angelic, but they also have a similar temperament – calm, playful, and simply adorable. 
  • Central Illinois Doodles follows strict breeding practices to ensure each White Bernedoodle has the lowest chance of inheriting hereditary diseases.

A Truly Angelic Companion

If you’re looking for an angelic puppy to follow your lead, you won’t find anyone better than a White Bernedoodle. Their snowy coat with patches of brown or black distinguishes this breed from other dogs. A playful personality makes Bernedoodles a great family addition to children and other pets.

Below their fluffy white fur lies a loyal and loving friend, impatiently waiting for cuddles and park walks.

Bernedoodles are versatile and usually come in two types of coats:

  • Fleece: A silky and soft fleece coat is either straight or wavy. With proper grooming, your brush will effortlessly slide through the fur and you won’t have to fight with tangles and matting.
  • Wool: A dense and full wool coat transforms any Bernedoodle into a real ball of fur. The looping curls go in every direction, giving your Bernedoodle a cute and angelic look. Frequent grooming is key to keeping your Bernedoodle comfortable and clean, especially the fur that happens to tangle often.
White Bernedoodles

White Bernedoodle with a Heart of Gold

It’s hard not to fall in love with White Bernedoodles and their snow-white coat with darker markings around the body. Not only are they playful and eager to be around people, but they are also curious creatures. Smaller Bernedoodles typically have more energy; hence, they never mind traveling with you or spending time at home by your side. 

White Bernedoodles are loved for their charming and gentle nature. These and more traits are inherited from their purebred parent, along with intelligence and loyalty. Their placid temperament also makes them great with kids and other pets.

Central Illinois Doodles – the Best Bernedoodle Breeder in the Midwest 

Responsible breeding is the cornerstone of Central Illinois Doodles, a commitment we have honored since day one of breeding Bernedoodles. Our focus is on raising healthy White Bernedoodles through our rigorous breeding practices.

This wouldn’t be possible without healthy, purebred parents who have to go through multiple tests. Once Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs are declared genetically disease-free, only then can we continue with breeding.

From birth, our puppies are raised in a loving family environment, receiving socialization and proper care. Surrounded by other puppies, we foster their growth into confident companions, preparing them for their future homes.

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Central Illinois Doodles has helped countless families in the US find their lifelong companion. You can be the next one!

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