We make reserving a Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle puppy as easy as 1,2,3…

Our goal is simple: Provide families with the easiest, quickest, and most secure reservation for loving, healthy, superior Bernedoodle & Goldendoodle Puppies.

Many people want to know how the puppy reservation process works when they fall in love with a puppy; Our reservation process is straightforward to take the stress and hassle out of your search for the perfect pet. Here is A to Z’s process of reserving a puppy from Central Illinois Doodles.

Step 1: Research!

Picking out a puppy is like picking out a new family member. As responsible breeders, we care about every one of our newborns and we want them to live a good life with a good family.

We encourage all our customers to do their research and understand the difference in the breeds and their specific traits and take time to learn more about us, what we offer, and whether or not our puppies are the right fit for your family.

You may be wondering, why do you have puppies available if you are a reputable doodle breeder when other responsible breeders have a lengthy waitlist?

Unlike most breeders, we don’t use a waitlist to accept deposits to reserve a puppy before they are even born. Instead, we wait until they are between 4 – 6 weeks old to list them available on our website to start accepting deposits.

All our families love this reservation process as it allows them to learn all the details about their new puppy. Such as seeing current photos, knowing who the parents are, expected adult weight, learning more about their temperament and personality, and knowing exactly when the puppy is ready to go home before placing a financial commitment!

You’ll find information on all our available puppies here. Updated regularity with available puppies and sold puppies, our website is a one-stop shop for research, reservation, and continual conversation. Therefore, if you see a puppy you like, and the website says “available,” you’ll know that they indeed are!

If no puppies are currently available, you can sign up for our notification list to be notified as soon as we post a new litter of puppies available for reservation on our website.

When you fall in love with one of our puppies, the next step is to contact us by email or phone.

Our notification list for a future litter is the best option if all our available puppies are reserved. You can sign up to receive a notification as soon as we post a new litter of puppies. We never send spam and keep all your information confidential.

Step 2: Get in touch!

Central Illinois Doodles believes in getting to know all our customers to ensure that your puppy is an excellent fit for you and your family. That’s why before placing a deposit, we ask that you please contact us about your preferred puppy and let us help you find the perfect one.

See a puppy you like from our current litter? Reach out! We can’t wait to meet you!

Step 3: Reserve your puppy!

Once we’ve answered your questions and discussed the perfect puppy, the next step is to reserve your puppy with a non-refundable deposit of $300 for Goldendoodle puppies and $500 for Bernedoodle puppies.

To reserve your puppy, click on the available puppies page and find your puppy. Click on the profile of the puppy you wish to reserve. This will take you to that puppy’s profile page with its final purchase price. Click the “Reserve Me” button to pay your reservation fee.

Once you place your deposit, you’ll receive an automated email receipt verifying we received your deposit and that your puppy has been reserved for you and your family! Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a personal email, Congratulating you on reserving the puppy of your dreams!

Attached to the email will be additional information, such as items we will be sending home with the puppy, our recommended puppy supplies shopping list, when our photographer will be taking more photos, and most importantly, our 36-page new puppy care guide on how to care for and properly train your new doodle family member!

Our notification list for a future litter is the best option if all our available puppies are reserved. You can sign up to receive a notification as soon as we post a new litter of puppies. We never send spam and keep all your information confidential.

Step 4: Watch your puppy grow!

To allow the puppies to mature and receive their initial vaccinations, we keep our pups for 8 weeks of age before you can take them home. Once our puppies reach a minimum of 8 weeks of age, they are ready to leave our home and make their way to yours! Until then, we’ll be in communication with you as they grow. We’ll upload bi-weekly photos to their profiles to keep you posted on your puppy’s growth, health, and development.

During these 8 weeks, it’s a good idea to begin readying your home and preparing to have a new puppy with you and your family. You can email or call us anytime to discuss specific questions such as vaccinations, spay/neutering, or anything else you can think of. This way, when welcoming your new Goldendoodle puppy or Bernedoodle puppy to your home, you are 110% ready!

On some rare occasions, our puppies are not quite ready to leave their nest at 8 weeks of age. For their health and wellbeing, we reserve the right to hold them longer than this should they need it. Should this happen in your case, rest assured you will be kept in the loop on all aspects so you know when you can expect your puppy is ready to come home.

Reserve Your Bernedoodle

If you’re ready to reserve your Bernedoodle “See Puppies,” or if you want to learn more about Bernedoodle’s “Breed Info.”

Reserve your Goldendoodle

If you’re ready to reserve your Goldendoodle “See Puppies,” or if you want to learn more about Goldendoodles “Breed Info.”

Step 5: Bring your puppy home!

Picking Up Your Puppy

If you live within driving distance and plan to pick up your new pup in person. We’ll arrange for you to arrive at our home on an agreed date and time where you will have the opportunity to meet and see your puppy’s parents while visiting our nursery to see where your puppy was born and raised.

All our puppies are sent home with a complimentary gift basket that includes:

  • Collar & leash
  • Chew toy
  • Health certificate verifying head to toe health exam from our vet
  • Vaccination & deworming records
  • 30 days Trupanion pet insurance
  • 2-year health guarantee
  • 36-page new puppy training guide
  • Blanket with mother and sibling’s scent to help your puppy settle into their new home

Your final payment will be due at the time of pick up. The preferred payment method is cash or Venmo. When using Venmo, contact your bank to notify them you will be making a larger transaction than usual through Venmo to ensure a smooth transaction. We regret that we don’t accept any checks. We can accept PayPal or credit and debit cards in some circumstances, although a 3.5% processing fee will imply.

Step 6: Settle in with your new puppy!

The first few weeks of having your new puppy home are important. Establish a routine, help your pup settle in, and start implementing some light training. Remember that your puppy will need time to get used to you and their new environment, especially if you have a current pet or children at home.

At just 8 weeks old, they have a lot of growing, learning, and socializing to do, so be patient, and in time with the proper training and care, your Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle will become the most loyal, loving, and wonderful friend you could dream of.


We do not offer specialized training packages at this time, but we highly recommend that you find an experienced trainer in your local area.


We are happy to microchip your reserved puppy upon request. There is a $45 fee if you want your puppy microchipped. Please get in touch with us to arrange this.

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