Why Should I Get a Bernedoodle Puppy?

Like many other types of Doodles, the Bernedoodle breed is also known to be highly intelligent, loyal, with great health, and longevity. In addition, the mini Bernedoodle doesn’t shed as much which is beneficial to dog lovers dealing with allergic reactions. As loyal as they can be, the Bernedoodle is quite gentle and goofy when it comes to their personalities. With such a big and loving heart, the Bernedoodle can also be great as guard dogs. Bernedoodle puppies can be quite attached to their owners and loved ones – if that’s not loyalty, we don’t know what is.

Known for their intelligence, miniature Bernedoodles aren’t as difficult to train in comparison to other dog breeds. They’re also great around children making it a fantastic family dog.

No matter the size of your doodle, we ensure your doodle breed will be your family’s new best friend. No matter what you may call them (nicknames include Bernese Mountain dog poodle mix, the Bernese Mountain Poo, the Bernedoodle, the Berne-doodle, and even just the Doodle) rest assured with Central Illinois Doodles, your pup will be raised to the highest ethical standards and insurance of a health warranty backs up our Bernedoodle Puppies.

The mini Bernedoodle is likely perfect for people with a less active lifestyle, pet allergies, in need of support, or families with children. Check out our Bernedoodles for sale at Central Illinois Doodles today. We are one of the best Bernedoodle dog breeders in the Midwest, helping you find your high-quality Bernedoodle companion.

Available Bernedoodle Puppies

Bernedoodle Traits

  • Affectionate, gentle, and goofy personality

  • Calm, docile energy

  • Excellent emotional support dogs

  • Good with children

  • Low-to-non shedding

  • For allergy-friendly needs, F1b puppies are optimal

  • Standard-sized need space to stretch

  • Mini or tiny sizes available for smaller spaces

History of Bernedoodles

The Bernedoodle is a hybrid dog breed of a Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. Even though knowledge and popularity of the Bernese Mountain Dog are less than average, even for dog lovers, these adults are affectionate, loyal and good-natured which carries into the Bernedoodle pups.

The Bernese Mountain Dog was brought over to Switzerland approximately 2,000 years ago by the Romans. They’ve been bred from Great Mastiffs and other types of guard dog breeds. Aside from having a loving personality, these breeds are only one of the four kinds of Sennenhund-type dogs from the Swiss Alps. These dogs were generally known as farm dogs that worked hard. Eventually, the Bernese Mountain Dog breed mixed with the Poodle breed led to the creation of the incredible Bernedoodle dog breed.

Types of Bernedoodles

During the process of finding Bernedoodle puppies for sale in Illinois from a reputable breeder like Central Illinois Doodles, you’ll come across these Mini Bernedoodle genetic classifications.

  • F1 Bernedoodle breed (First Generation Cross): As a first-generation hybrid cross, you can expect the Bernedoodle to be 50% Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with 50% Poodle. The first generation cross between two purebred dogs is considered the healthiest due to a genetic trait called hybrid vigor. Since the Bernedoodle is a first-generation crossbreed, the likelihood of inheriting a genetic disease is unlikely unless both purebred dogs were carriers.
  • F1b Bernedoodle breed: An F1b is a back cross between an F1 Bernedoodle mixed with a Standard Poodle. That means that the newborn Bernedoodle puppy will be 25% Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with 75% Poodle. Due to the curly hair and non-shedding genes of Poodles, the Bernedoodle is less likely to shed in comparison to an F1 Bernedoodle that is only 50% Poodle. With this combination, the F1B Bernedoodle is also known to be allergy-friendly.

Bernedoodle Puppy Temperament

When it comes to Bernedoodles vs Goldendoodles, the mini Bernedoodle is a relatively new dog breed. Yes – the Goldendoodle is popular amongst dog breeders and pet owners but the interest is increasing every year as more people learn about the mini Bernedoodle dog breed.

  • Gentle, docile, easygoing, happy go lucky, obedient
  • Fun to be around, goofy, playful
  • Affectionate, loving, caring, protective
  • Loyal, always by your side
  • High level of intelligence, smart
  • Easy training

Bernedoodle Puppy Socialization

Even though they are highly intelligent, the happy-go-lucky mini Bernedoodles need socialization from their owners. If you’re planning on leaving your Bernedoodle puppy home all day then choosing this Doodle breed might not be the right choice for you.

Since Bernedoodles are social animals and love being around people, they’re known to be great cuddlers, snugglers, and provide tons of affection. One term that describes Bernedoodles is “velcro dogs” because they can be quite attached to their owners and loved ones. They don’t like being neglected and left alone for extremely long periods.

Are Bernedoodle’s a Hypoallergenic Dog?

If you’re dealing with pet allergies, then a Bernedoodle is another reason for you to bring home as a companion. Since their Poodle breed parents make the Bernedoodles’ coat allergy-friendly, you can expect less shedding when compared to other dogs. When you compare Bernedoodles vs Bernese Mountain Dogs, the Bernedoodles are low to non-shedding due to the wavy curly hair they inherited from the Poodle parent.

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Time Investment into a Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle Training

Lastly, mini Bernedoodle puppies are easy to train due to their high level of intelligence, which is why people use them as service or emotional support dogs. These dogs love training and learning new things. They are also generally content, easy-going, and pleasing to their loved ones. As for training Bernedoodle dog tricks, they learn fast even when they’re at the puppy phase.

Generally calm, affectionate towards their owners, easily adaptable – mini Bernedoodles are one of the types of dog breeds to easily adapt to a drastic changing environment. These changes can be a new housemate moving in, a new baby on the way, or additional pets living with them.

Bernedoodle Exercise

Bernedoodles don’t require as much exercise as their Goldendoodles cousins. The truth is the Bernese Mountain Dog is more docile and less energetic than the Golden Retriever. Don’t worry, this doesn’t change the fact that Bernedoodles will still enjoy outdoor activities. If you’re in search of a standard Bernedoodle puppy or Goldendoodle puppy, then a mini Bernedoodle puppy might be the suggested choice for you if you don’t live too an active lifestyle.

Exercising isn’t on the top of the list for mini Bernedoodles to have good health, but that still won’t change the fact that they will enjoy doing activities with their owners. It’s even better if you can provide your Bernedoodle with an outdoor yard or a daily walk to stretch their body.

Life Expectancy of a Bernedoodle

The normal life expectancy of a Bernedoodle is 12-15 years. Fortunately, because they are hybrid dogs, Bernedoodle puppies are healthy and won’t likely suffer from any life-threatening genetic health issues. As long as these Bernedoodles are provided with the proper love and care, you’ll be flooded with an endless amount of unconditional love and joy from these beautiful dogs.

Bernedoodle Colors

Our F1 Mini Bernedoodle puppies are available in the following coat colors.

  • Black Tri-color
  • Sable Tri-color

Our F1B Micro-mini “Tiny” Bernedoodle puppies will come in a wide selection of colors due to the Poodle genetics from both parents.

  • Black Tri-color
  • Phantom Tri-color
  • Red and White Bi-color

Bernedoodle Puppy Coat Types

Since you’re interested in learning about our Bernedoodle puppies for sale in Illinois, let’s talk about their coat types. The Bernedoodle puppies will have wavy or curly hair, which is beneficial for dog lovers with allergic reactions because they shed less dander. As for our F1B Micro-mini “Tiny” Bernedoodle puppies, they can have several different types of coats even when they’re in the same litter. It’s possible that there can be mini Bernedoodle breeds with wavy hair with loose curls which is comparable to the F1 Bernedoodles except that they’re low to non-shedding.

How do you find out which type of coat your Bernedoodle breed has? To find out, you will have to wait for these Bernedoodle puppies to get from 2-3 weeks of age and their coat types should be more easily identifiable.

Bernedoodle Sizes

It’s not uncommon for people to make mistakes believing that all Bernedoodle breeds are larger than other dogs. That’s not entirely true because Mini Bernedoodle puppies can come in different ranges of sizes based on the size of their parents.

Below, you can find the sizes of our Mini Bernedoodle puppies. You can find individual Bernedoodle puppy sizes on their profile page.

  • Micro-mini “Tiny” F1B Bernedoodle: 12 to 25 pounds with an average weight of 20 pounds.
  • Miniature Bernedoodle: 30 to 55 pounds with an average weight of 40 pounds

Available Bernedoodle Puppies In Illinois

If you’re ready to explore our Bernedoodle puppies for sale in Illinois, then check out our selection. These Bernedoodles are waiting with the same goal in mind – to find a companion or new parents just like you!

If there are no Bernedoodle puppies immediately available make sure to complete our contact form, to be notified the next time our expert breeder team has mini Bernedoodle puppies for sale.

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale In Illinois Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Yes, Bernedoodles are healthy dogs with no serious illness due to their hybrid genes from Bernese Mountain Dogs mixed breed with Poodles. Crossbreed dogs inherit a genetic trait called hybrid vigor which means that they will be healthier than their purebred parent dogs. This is because purebreds breed with the same bloodlines and constantly pass along genetic diseases.

The lifespan of a Bernedoodle ranges from 12 to 18 years long. Smaller size Bernedoodles tend to live longer than standard Bernedoodles.

Bernedoodles are loyal, gentle, and docile Doodles.

Yes, Bernedoodles are known to be great for the whole family. They’re friendly and can easily adapt to drastic changes in their life such as new children.

Yes, Bernedoodles are known to be highly intelligent. They’re even ranked as one of the smartest dogs and usually smarter than other pets.

Bernedoodles make a great companion amongst pet owners because they enjoy spending time with humans. Not only that but they’re known to be loyal and protective dogs.

Standard Bernedoodles are great for people with allergies because of their low-to-no shedding. This is one of the few dog breeds that hardly shed making it the perfect companion for dog lovers with allergies.

Bernedoodle breed can work as great service animals as well as emotional support dogs. Another wholesome fact to keep in mind is that Bernedoodles can be trained for conditions like PTSD and anxiety disorders.

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