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Sable Bernedoodles are stunning pups that have a coat unlike any other Bernedoodle, boasting a blend of brown hues. Their coat ranges from light cream to a rich, dark brown, with even darker or black hair tips.

Sable Bernedoodle will not only make heads turn but it will also amaze others by how playful and charming this breed is. Owning it to the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle genes, Bernedoodles are gentle and loyal companions of any family that adopts it.

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Short Summary

  • Sable Beredoodles showcase a blend of colors, ranging from brown, black, and tan hues. 
  • Sable Benredoodles typically come in two coat types: fleece (straight or wavy fur that is easy to maintain) and wool (curly like Poodle’s that requires frequent grooming).
  • Sable Bernedoodles inherit great traits from their purebred parents, the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. They are intelligent, loyal, and friendly. 
  • Sable Bernedoodles are usually calm and behave well around children and other pets. 
  • Central Illinois Doodles adheres to the highest breeding standards and ensures Bernedoodle puppies are strong and healthy before they join your home.

A Coat of Enhancing Beauty

Sable Bernedoodles feature a coat unlike any other. Their coats showcase a rich blend of brown, black, and tan hues, creating a striking pattern. No Sable Bernedoodle is the same, thanks to the unique and distinctive color combinations.

A display of caramel tones to chocolate tips, their coat reflects their warm and gentle personality.  

These charming Bernedoodles usually come with two types of coat:

  • Fleece: Fleece coat is typically either straight or wavy and has a silky and soft texture to it. Bernedoodles with this coat type are usually easier to maintain and groom, but they may shed more than their curly counterparts. 
  • Wool: Bernedoodles with wool coat type rarely shed, but those dense, looping curls require more frequent grooming.
Sable Bernedoodle

Unconditional Love and Loyalty

The distinctive coat of Sable Bernedoodles isn’t the only thing that makes them perfect family additions. Under the soft coat lies a heart of gold that quickly attaches to owners and gets along with people. 

Socialized Sable Bernedoodles feel comfortable around other pets and learn fast to be gentle around children

The shepherd traits of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the intelligence of the Poodle all contribute to the Sable Bernedoodle being affectionate and trainable. They will accompany you to your favorite destination no matter how far you need to walk and to your sofa to cuddle and enjoy pastime together. 

The small size also makes this designer breed an excellent choice for people living in the apartments.

Central Illinois Doodles – Your #1 Midwest Breeder

Central Illinois Doodles’s main priority that we adhere to day in and day out is responsible breeding. We have set high breeding practices that center around raising healthy and strong Sable Bernedoodles.

The key is selecting healthy purebred parents, and our thorough testing helps us ensure Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dogs are free of genetic diseases. 

When puppies are born, they are growing up in a loving family environment, socialized and well-fed. Being surrounded by other puppies, we help them develop into confident companions before you welcome them into your home.

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Being the best Bernedoodle breeder in the Midwest, we specialize in ethical practices and provide a 2-year health guarantee for each puppy you get.

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