Reputable Goldendoodle & Bernedoodle Breeder in Illinois

Our Mission…

At Central Illinois Doodles, our mission is to continue to improve the Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle breeds so that we can provide customers superior puppies for generations to come. Our high standards and experience allow us to put the animal’s health first so that families who choose to adopt with us can have the peace of mind of knowing they have a healthy, well-socialized Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle puppy.

Here are the top five reasons why you should choose Central Illinois Doodles for your furry family friend.

1. Quality First – Health and Temperament

We take exceptional care to ensure the superior health and temperament of each litter we bring into the world. Unlike some breeders who selectively breed for numbers and profit, we always focus on quality over quantity and never compromise. This means we look at our parents’ health and temperament before breeding to ensure the best results.

As any quality breeder will attest, dog breeding comes down to the perfect balance between art and science. As responsible Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle breeders, we utilize the latest OFA DNA testing to ensure that we maximize our litters’ health through genetic verification for risks of hip dysplasia and other inherited diseases. These health concerns can be controlled by health testing and performing selective breeding. We believe that healthy parents create healthy puppies, and health testing provides us with a gold standard of assurance in this regard.

We also understand that it’s crucial to know that your dog will have an exceptional temperament when choosing a family pet. We at Central Illinois do not take this responsibility lightly, and we have always striven to ensure that the dogs we breed are a perfect match not just for beautiful puppies but well-tempered ones, too. Maintaining the fun-loving, playful, loving, gentle, and loyal temperament of the Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle is one of our highest priorities in any match we make. Over the years, we have become experts at knowing which dogs are well suited to this goal. We have personally hand-picked every sire and every dam to ensure that we are improving the breed’s standards time and time again.

2. Socialization From Day One

A quality family pet starts with socialization from the very first moments of the animal’s life. We practice socialization starting from day one to ensure that each puppy not only nurses well and thrives but is accustomed to the human touch. Our practice begins with ENS or Early Neurological Stimulation, an advanced process that introduces mild stresses to newborn puppies in a caring and controlled way. These stresses help stimulate the neurological system, which improves the puppies’ physical growth and development and increases their stress tolerance around humans.

About 35% of a dog’s performance is related to genetics, while the remaining 65% is related to socialization (management, training, and nutrition). In short, ENS helps us produce healthier, stronger, more readily socialized animals.

3. Top-Notch Health Care

Some breeders skimp on the quality of veterinary care they provide their animals to save costs and make a profit. At Central Illinois Doodles, we pride ourselves on making health a top priority and never undermining the quality of vet care for our dogs as well as our Bernedoodle puppies and Goldendoodle puppies. They will always get top-notch care thanks to our partners at The Arthur Veterinary Clinic in Arthur, Illinois.

Read more about our health check process and the care stages we provide our young puppies before they reach their forever home.

4. A Family Breeder Creating Family Dogs

Many breeders operate in commercial facilities and utilize less than optimal kennels. Our bio-secure nursey is part of our family home in central Illinois. We pride ourselves on raising every puppy from every litter in a family environment surrounded by children and close human bonds.

Additionally, many breeders are uncomfortable with visitors in their nurseries for health reasons for their puppies. They believe that it may put additional stress on the mom after giving birth. This often creates an air of mistrust between breeders and new families shopping for their furry family members. A common practice is to bar families from a visit unless they place a deposit with the breeder.

We operate differently and believe in forming trusting bonds with our families from the start. This is why when we have puppies for sale, we invite families to visit our nursery to experience our facility and see our puppies first-hand before ever making a financial commitment with us. While health issues (contamination and disease) and external stress on mom can be important factors, we believe that these issues can be overcome by having a sterile nursey and bio-security entry protocol to keep the facility 100% free of contamination. Additionally, we firmly believe that we can welcome new visitors without putting additional stress on mom simply because our adult dogs are so well socialized and used to reacting appropriately to new people, even after giving birth.

Our openness and transparency have set us apart in the market, allowing people to enjoy a more pleasant and less worrisome experience finding their new furry family member.

5. A Family Breeder You Can Trust

Becoming a family breeder that you can trust has always been our top priority. We’ve made it our mission to provide not only the most healthy and well-socialized puppies but also excellent service and support to our families. Choosing to adopt a new puppy is a big decision, not to be taken lightly. As reputable Bernedoodle breeders, we know that many families making this decision want peace of mind working with a breeder who has the experience and can guide them with valuable knowledge and insight. For this reason, we are proud to offer additional benefits to our families that go above and beyond what most breeders can provide.

Our support system includes:

  • Lifetime breeder support
  • Top vet care from The Arthur Veterinary Clinic.
  • 2-Year Genetic Health Guarantee for genetic illness during first 2 years
  • Parent Health Testing
  • Personalized engagement, interaction, and support.
  • Open and honest communication. We’re here for you in person, over the phone, or by email as you prefer.
  • Enjoyable, quality experience, hands-on care.
  • No sales. No pressure. Committing to caring for a puppy for its entire life is a big decision and one that you and you alone must make for your family. We recognize this and support you in making the best decision for you and the best for the animal.
  • Up-to-date website, ensuring the most accurate details for all our animals.
  • Allow in-home visits regardless of deposit.
  • Provide information to new owners about what to expect with a new puppy, nutrition, socialization, and recommended training methods.
  • Ensure that every single Central Illinois Doodle puppy is placed in a caring, loving, responsible forever home.

We have established ourselves as a premier Illinois breeder of honesty and integrity because of our commitment to service, quality, health, and superior puppies. Many clients come by word-of-mouth referrals, while other clients return a second and third time for additional puppies. We are extremely grateful for our loving families who have entrusted us over the years and look forward to welcoming you to visit our home to choose your next Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle puppy!

If you have any doubt about our unique service and the quality of our Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle puppies for sale, meet us and see them for yourself!