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A Dog Breeder of Integrity:
Our Puppies Are Family

Providing Families With Loving, Healthy, Superior Bernedoodle & Goldendoodle Puppies

Welcome to Central Illinois Doodles! Based in Arthur, Illinois, we are a professional breeder raising happy, healthy, well-socialized Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle puppies from genetically health-tested parents. We are truly a family breeder of integrity that you can trust with the purchase of your Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle, and we work to prove it by serving customers nation-wide. Click here to read more about my family and how we began the journey of becoming Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle breeders. I think you will agree that our passion for these beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving animals is truly unique. When you’re ready to fall in love with one of our puppies, reach out and let us help you find a puppy that you’ll be proud to call a family member for years to come.

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Mini Tri-colored Bernedoodle puppies cuddling with a young girl

Our Puppies are Family!

Why Choose Us?

Finding a breeder you can trust is one of the biggest challenges new families face when deciding to adopt a new puppy into their home. We recognize this at Central Illinois Doodles and have worked hard to become that breeder. We’ve built our reputation and our business purely on service, quality, and our standards. Our mission is to continue to improve the Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle breeds so that we can provide customers superior puppies for generations to come. Our high standards and experience allow us to put the health of the animal first, so that families who choose to adopt with us can have the peace of mind of knowing they have healthy, well socialized Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle puppies.

Click on the button below to learn more about the top five reasons you should choose Central Illinois Doodles for your Goldendoodle puppy or Bernedoodle puppy.

Why Choose Us?

Red F1B Mini Goldendoodle puppy sitting on a basket

F1B Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

What's A Doodle?

If you are wondering what a “doodle” is don’t worry, you’re not alone! These relatively new breeds originated in the early 2000s and started with the intention of creating a smart, service dog that was allergy-friendly. The story of the doodle began with crossing a Labrador with a standard Poodle in order to create a Labradoodle, a smart service dog that would inherit less shedding from the Poodle line and therefore be better for people with allergies. People discovered that crossing Labradors with Poodles, Golden Retrievers with Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs with Poodles would decrease each purebred’s poor genetic traits and health problems. This is known as “hybrid vigor,” a term that describes the way in which crossbreeding allows for increased biological fitness traits such as more disease resistance and longer life span.

Over time, breeders began to cross many other breeds with the standard and miniature Poodle to create multiple different types of doodles. Today, doodles come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are intelligent, fun-loving, loyal, gentle animals that make perfect companion pets for families and their children. Take a moment to discover our doodle breeds and learn more about our Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles!

How To Adopt A Puppy?

Adopting a puppy with Central Illinois Doodles is easy and stress free!

Many people want to know how the adoption process works when they find a breed or a specific puppy that they like. Our easy and straightforward adoption process is better and faster than most breeders because we believe in the personal touch. We are also up to speed on technology to make sure that you can reserve your puppy quickly and easily on our website with the click of a button. Click here to learn how to adopt a Bernedoodle puppy or Goldendoodle puppy with Central Illinois Doodles.

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