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Traveling around Idaho’s world-known landscapes is better with a reliable companion. And there is no more energizing, wing-wiggling, and endurable dog than a Bernedoodle. Known for its high energy and friendliness to people, this breed is people’s best friend.

Finding an ethical breeder becomes harder and harder every day, but our family-owned business adheres to the highest standards for many years on end. At Central Illinois Doodles, we guarantee healthy Bernedoodle puppies in Idaho.

How can we help you adopt an adorable puppy in Idaho whilst being in Illinois? Despite our facility being located in the Midwest, we offer a pet nanny service to securely bring your new family member to your state. If you have the means, we heartwarmingly invite future pet parents to visit our facility and collect a Bernedoodle yourself.

Central Illinois Doodles is a #1 Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle breeder in the Midwest, bringing happiness and long-lasting friendship to American families. We take pride in our strictest breeding standards, attentiveness to purebred parents’ well-being, and 24/7 care for newborn litter before they leave their mom.

Excited to adopt a new Bernedoodle puppy in Idaho? Explore our available Bernedoodle puppies for sale in Idaho, reserve a litter, and arrange its transportation when the time is up.

Feel free to leave us your contact information, and we will promptly inform you of new litter.

Available Bernedoodles For Sale

Upcoming Bernedoodle Litter

Exciting news! Our new litter of Bernedoodles will be available soon!

Rosie & Rev’s New Litter

F1 Mini Bernedoodles

Price:                          $4000

Born:                          6-11-24

Available:                  8-6-24

Adult Weight:         25 -50 lbs


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What Are Bernedoodles?

Berneddodles are adorable and cuddly balls of fur that were introduced to the world quite recently. A Bernedoodle is a crossbreed whose parents are purebred Poddle and Bernese Mountain Dog. Both parents are very loyal and devoted to their owners, so it’s no wonder Bernedoodles inherit so many good traits from them, along with strong health and goofiness.

Although Bernedoodle may not be the best guardian dog, they are trainable and faithful to their human companions. You rest assured when leaving a Doodle near children or other pets, as the breed doesn’t tend to be aggressive like other smaller-sized canines.

Before breeding Bernedoodles, we make sure their purebred parents are healthy and do not suffer from any genetically-transmitted diseases. This way, we minimize the risks of new litter falling sick. To give you peace of mind, we always issue a 2-year health guarantee so that you have no doubts about our breeding standards.

Every new litter is like our own – all our Doodles are showered with our love and care up until they are ready to join your family. Each pup is special and precious, which is evident from trust and good reviews within the industry.

Tri-color Bernedoodle Puppy
Idaho – Reserve Your Bernedoodle

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Why Choose CID as Your Bernedoodle Breeder in Idaho?

Once you find the puppy you want, the excitement won’t leave you till you cuddle your new furry friend. At Central Illinois Doodles, we aim to simplify your search and unite you with a new family member in just 8 weeks.

We take immense pride in our work, and there’s a reason we keep the new litter at our facility for the duration of 8 weeks. Our primary concern is the well-being of our Bernedoodles and whether they are able to grow healthy without their mother. We believe that it’s essential not to rush the process and give these precious pups time with their mother. We hope you’ll appreciate the thought behind this decision.

During these 8 weeks, your future Bernedoodle will grow stronger in health and mind, and we will diligently complete all the necessary certifications and preliminary training. The transition to your home will be as lenient as possible for both you and your Bernedoodle.

Our commitment goes beyond just offering healthy and adorable Bernedoodles from purebred parents. With us, you can also expect a comprehensive 2-year health guarantee, access to online resources to support you during those crucial first weeks as a pet parent, and a complimentary basket of puppy-care products, including a collar, snacks, toys, and a cozy puppy blanket.

Bernedoodle sitting on green grass wearing an orange bandana

Bernedoodle Traits

  • Affectionate, gentle, and goofy personality

  • Calm, docile energy

  • Excellent emotional support dogs

  • Good with children

  • Low-to-non shedding

  • For allergy-friendly needs, F1b puppies are optimal

  • Standard-sized need space to stretch

  • Mini or tiny sizes available for smaller spaces

Seamless Bernedoodle Puppy Reservation Process

At Central Illinois Doodles, we’ve streamlined the Bernedoodle puppy reservation process for our Idaho customers. With a few clicks, you have the power to make one of the puppies yours, and here’s how:

  • Initial Inquiry: Start by reaching out to us with your interest in reserving a Bernedoodle puppy. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have.
  • Puppy Selection: Browse our available Bernedoodle puppies for sale in Idaho and choose the one that captures your heart.
  • Reservation: Once you’ve made your selection, secure your puppy with a reservation fee. This ensures your chosen pup is exclusively yours.
  • Updates: We’ll keep you informed about your puppy’s progress with regular updates and photos.
  • Finalization: When your Bernedoodle is ready to leave our care, we’ll coordinate the final details, including transportation options to Idaho if needed.
  • Welcoming Your Puppy: Prepare to welcome your new Bernedoodle into your Idaho home, knowing that you’ve chosen a healthy and happy companion from Central Illinois Doodles.

Your excitement must be felt through the screen, but we can sense your trembling hands before taking on such a big responsibility as a dog. You have nothing to worry about. Our process is adjusted for both new pet parents and veterans with multiple pets. We’ll support you during with first few weeks of having a Bernedoodle at your home with much-needed materials.

How Does CID Deliver Bernedoodle Puppies to Idaho?

At Central Illinois Doodles, we provide our Idaho customers with two convenient options for acquiring their beloved Bernedoodle puppy. You have the choice to personally pick up your puppy or have us coordinate delivery to your nearest airport.

While both options are available, we highly encourage our future pet parents in Idaho to consider collecting their puppy in person. Let’s meet face-to-face, share final insights, and ask us your final concerns.

We understand that the journey to our facility might be a bit lengthy despite our proximity to major airports. However, rest assured that your joyful bundle of fur will be in the hands of dedicated and caring professionals while en route to your Idaho home.

Have more questions regarding our reservation and puppy transportation processes? Please feel free to reach out to us for additional details:

Phone Number: (217) 549-7589

Email: [email protected]

Bernedoodle Breeder Near Me

As a reputable Bernedoodle breeder, Central Illinois Doodles is proud to have our puppies living in loving homes not only in our home state of Illinois but also nationwide. Our commitment to quality breeding and exceptional customer service has allowed us to extend our reach beyond state lines, placing our adorable Bernedoodles in households nationwide. Whether you are in a neighboring state or on the other side of the country, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect furry addition to your family.

We also offer the convenience of our personal flight nanny, who will personally deliver your Bernedoodle puppy directly to your closest airport, riding safely in the cabin to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey to their new home.

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Mini Bernedoodle

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