18 10, 2022

Labradoodles vs. Goldendoodles: Which Doodle Dog Breed Is Right for You?

Choosing between two of the most popular poodle mixes can be challenging. These dogs share many similarities, but understanding their differences can help you make the choice that fits your family. Labradoodles vs. Goldendoodles : Comparing Doodle Puppy Parents. The Labradoodle and Goldendoodle are designer breeds and make perfect [...]

30 05, 2022

Bernedoodle Life Span

A bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Sometimes you'll hear this breed called a Bernese Mountain Poo, a Mountain Dog Poodle Mix, or simply the most well-known, Doodle. This relatively new breed was first crossed in the early 2000s when a woman wanted [...]

12 05, 2022

Bernedoodle Breed Comparisons

From Tiny Size Bernedoodles to Standard Bernedoodles When looking for your next pet, you may want to consider the cuddly Bernedoodle breed with its sweet temperaments and loyal, goofy disposition. Depending on what type of lifestyle you live and what you look for in a dog, this crossbreed has [...]

14 10, 2021

How to Stop Puppy Biting?

Puppies are cute, playful, and adorable. They are also known to be extremely destructive. If you have a dog, chances are you have been bitten at least once. Puppy bites are painful and can leave scars.If you want to prevent puppy bites, here are some ways to stop them.1) Keep [...]

14 10, 2021

How to Train a Puppy?

Puppies are adorable and fun to watch, but training a puppy can be a challenge. Puppies are smart and eager to learn, but they also have a lot of energy. They love to play and explore, and they’ll want to follow you around wherever you go. If you’ve ever had [...]

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