If you’re looking to bring a gorgeous Bernedoodle into your home, you must select a puppy from a reputable Bernedoodle breeder. As exciting as getting a new dog is, you shouldn’t get caught up in the moment and neglect asking crucial questions to determine if the breeder is legitimate.

Respectable Bernedoodle breeders love dogs. They demonstrate that they’re invested in the breed’s future by doing everything they can to ensure the best possible health and happiness outcomes. They won’t cut corners, and their goals will extend far beyond making a profit.

Why Is Finding Reputable Bernedoodle Breeders So Important?

When it comes to purebred dogs, you’re more likely to get a puppy from a breeder than a rescue center. Whether you’re considering welcoming tiny Bernedoodle, standard Bernedoodle or mini Bernedoodle puppies into your home, you must find a legitimate breeder. 

The best breeders care deeply about their puppies’ health, development and outcomes. They’ll want to stay in touch for updates — not just because they care about producing healthy dogs, but so they can ensure the quality of their breeding program.

Visiting the breeder to see the nursery where to puppies are born and raised is also a key to know how your pup will be raised before you bring it home. 

Unethical breeders and puppy mills will make excuses, such as saying ‘it puts to much stress on the moms,’ or ‘its not safe because to puppies aren’t fully vaccinated.’ But the truth is with a bio-secure nursery, it is just as safe as taking your puppy to the vet and VERY important to ensure the breeder is ethical.

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Here are some reasons finding the perfect Bernedoodle breeder is so important:

  • Reputable dog breeders breed happy Bernedoodle puppies because they care about every aspect of the puppy’s development.
  • A responsible breeder will be an expert on the Bernedoodle dog breed, so they’re in the best position to offer advice about raising your pet.
  • They’ll follow breed standards, which increases the likelihood that puppies will grow into healthy, happy adult dogs.
  • An ethical breeder will understand the importance of early neurological stimulation, socialization and affection, reducing the risk of behavioral problems later on.
  • Most reputable breeders provide a health guarantee and health certificate, which means you’ll get a replacement puppy or a refund in case of a serious problem.
  • Good breeders specialize in producing the breed they sell, so they can advise you on which type of pup is the best match for your home.
  • Unlike a puppy mill, a reputable breeder can teach you about the health of the breeding dogs’ parents and ancestors, and you’ll get to meet the parents.
  • An ethical breeder will want you to visit the puppy nursery to see where they’re born and raised. Central Illinois Doodles is an ethical breeder that has a bio-secure nursery, which is just as safe as taking your puppy to the vet. Unethical breeders and puppy mills will make excuses to ensure you don’t see the puppies raising conditions. Do not fall for this.

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How to Tell If a Breeder Isn’t Reputable

Having a new Bernedoodle family member will bring joy to your entire household. Below are some signs you should avoid a doodle breeder:

  • They don’t have premises and only list services on social media
  • Visits aren’t allowed
  • Insufficient information about parent doodles
  • No health guarantee or vet check
  • Releasing the puppies before they’re eight weeks old
  • No offer to take the dog back if you can no longer care for it
  • They don’t ask you questions about yourself
  • They have a large number of puppies from many litters available at one time
  • There’s no contract to sign

Questions to Ask Bernedoodle Puppy Breeders

Asking the right questions to determine whether you’re working with a good breeder is essential. It could be the difference between having a more secure, healthier dog or an unhealthy dog with behavioral issues.

Below are the top questions for pet parents when visiting Bernedoodle puppy breeders.

1. How Long Have You Been Breeding Bernedoodles?

The best dog breeders have been in business for a long time and have gained a detailed understanding of Bernedoodles. Like with many specialties, learning to breed Bernedoodles like an expert takes time. It also gives them time to develop a reputation, with plenty of reviews available for you to research online. 

This is particularly important if you’re looking for a show dog or service dog.

2. How Do You Socialize Your Puppies?

The first couple months of your Bernedoodle puppy’s development are the most influential, and they’re entirely in your dog breeder’s hands. Puppies should be held and fussed over regularly by a range of qualified people.

They should be exposed to household and outdoor stimulation and noise, so they don’t get frightened easily. Once they’ve had a round of vaccines, they should also spend time playing with other dogs outside the litter.

Socialized Bernedoodle puppies

3. Can I Visit Your Location to See the Bernedoodle Puppies?

When inquiring about your new puppy, a legitimate breeder would ideally offer you the chance to come and meet the entire litter on-site long before you bring a pup home.

Initially, you should stand back and analyze how the puppies interact with each other. Ensure the puppy and the mother is interacting playfully and happily. Look out for any signs of aggression or mismatched sizes and coloration. 

Dishonest breeders might construct a pretend canine family unit to trick customers into thinking they’re legitimate.

4. Do You Cover Their Vaccinations Before Purchase?

The best Bernedoodle breeders will ensure all vaccinations and worming treatments are up to date. This means they’ll be able to socialize the puppies without risk and might save you a little money on those initial vaccines. 

Additionally, a great breeder will work with a qualified vet to ensure all pups are checked before moving into a new home.

5. What Guarantees Do You Offer My New Puppy?

Health testing should be conducted for all breeding dogs and new puppies entering the breeder’s program. 

Ideally, look for a minimum of a two-year health guarantee that covers any life-limiting diseases that might occur during the first two years of a dog’s life.

Health care standards and guarantees are essential elements to check before buying a Bernedoodle from a breeder. They should care deeply that each puppy grows into a healthy dog. If the breeder doesn’t provide you with a 2-year health guarantee, find an alternative ASAP.


6. Do You Have References and Reviews?

Nothing guarantees a breeder’s reputation like solid evidence from verified previous customers. 

Ask if you can contact previous buyers personally to get a reference. If this isn’t possible for privacy reasons, ask for a site with online reviews or evidence of messages between them and a previous buyer (with personal details censored).

7. Do You Offer Follow-Up Assistance for My Puppy After I Bring It Home?

A reputable breeder will care about more than just selling you a Bernedoodle puppy. They’ll be deeply invested in your puppy’s well-being and ensuring it grows to be a happy and healthy member of your family. 

Ask if they’ll be available to support and answer questions after you bring your doodle home.

8. When Can I Bring My Puppy Home?

Not spending enough time with their mother and littermates while growing up can negatively impact a dog’s life as an adult. Puppies need to spend at least eight weeks with their mother and littermates. 

By this time, they’ll be weaned off their mother’s milk and be mentally and physically developed enough to cope with moving into a new home

Few breeders, if any, should contradict this. If a breeder offers to sell you a puppy younger than eight weeks old – decline and move on to find a respectable breeder.


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9. How Many People Regularly Interact With the Bernedoodle Puppies?

When inquiring about your breeder’s practices, check whether they treat the dogs in their care as they would treat family members. Find out how many people interact with the puppies to understand how the pups are treated daily.

The more loving and homelike their environment, the better adjusted they’ll likely grow up to be. 

If it sounds like the breeders treat the dogs more like they’re in kennels, they’re probably not reputable.

10. What Do You Provide With My New Standard or Mini Bernedoodle Puppy?

You shouldn’t choose a breeder that relies on sales tactics or gimmicks to sell puppies — they should care more about matching their beloved puppies to the best possible home. However, there are some essentials they should offer — for example, relevant health certificates, vaccination and deworming records and something with the mother’s scent for comfort.

The best puppy breeders will also offer some other items to make the transition as smooth and enjoyable for the Bernedoodle puppy as possible. Examples include:

  • A guide to caring for your puppy
  • The food they’ve been used to eating
  • A collar and leash
  • A toy
  • A month of free complementary health insurance

11. What Is the Bernedoodle Breed Like?

Bernedoodles are loving, fast-learning and playful dogs that make excellent family pets. They have such gentle and kind temperaments that they make exceptional service dogs and companion dogs. 

Your breeder shouldn’t just have a spiel with plenty of background about the breed but should also sound enthusiastic when talking about them. Be sure to listen to the tone of voice and the information they’re giving to get an idea of how genuine the breeder is.

princess bo litter

12. What Food Do You Give the Breeding Puppies?

It’s a good idea to seek specific information about the type of food the breeder has fed your future puppy. Of course, you must continue the puppy on the same food they’re used to or go through a transition period while they adjust to a new diet. But you should also ensure the breeder is feeding them top-quality dog food.

Diet, exercise and a loving, attentive home are the cornerstones of raising a healthy dog with the longest possible life span. 

The higher quality food your dog eats, the better their quality of life — it’s as simple as that. All reputable dog breeders will understand this.

13. Can I Meet the Parent Dogs?

Top breeders are entirely transparent and have nothing to hide. 

They’ll be happy to introduce you to the puppy’s parents so you can get an idea of their health and temperament. You can also compare them to Bernedoodle breed standards to ensure the breeders follow the guidelines. 

Suppose you can’t meet both parents due to distance. The breeder should have the dog’s health certificates and pictures or videos of them.

14. How Are Dogs Chosen for Your Breeding Program?

Breeders should conduct genetic testing for coat type, coat color and diseases and readily make this information available to you. 

The best doodle breeders also conduct temperament screening to ensure the best outcomes for each litter and the health of the overall breed. 

15. How Can I Ensure My Dog Has a Healthy Life?

Your breeder should be brimming with advice about how to give your dog the best possible future. They’ll go over and above by giving you a guide to caring for your puppy and let you know they’re available any time to answer questions or offer guidance. 

Be very wary of anyone who suggests you use Google or limits the amount of time you have to ask questions or seek advice.

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