Are you a happy parent of a Bernedoodle, or have you yet to purchase an adorable Bernedoodle puppy? Either way, you might be curious about how big they grow and at what age their growth stops. This way, you will know what to expect and what to be prepared for, along with ensuring enough space to accommodate your new furry family member.

Bernedoodles are mixed breeds of Bernese Mountain dogs and Poodle that both are quite sizeable when fully grown. Hence, it only makes sense for you to research the growth pattern in case you are looking for a smaller pup and aren’t ready to face challenges with a giant dog.

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This article explores how big your Bernedoodle puppy will grow and at what age it will reach its full height and weight.

How Fast Do Bernedoodles Grow?

Since Bernedoodles are a relatively new crossbreed, there isn’t much information documented about them in comparison to their purebred parent breeds: a Bernese Mountain dog and Poodle. It’s also important to pinpoint that Bernedoodle parents belong to two different size categories. In addition, there are four sizes of Berndoodles:

  • Standard Bernedoodle
  • Medium Bernedoodle
  • Mini Bernedoodle
  • Toy Bernedoodle

Overall, the Bernedoodle dog’s growth is quick at first 4-8 months of age but later slows down when a pup reaches maturity. How quickly your furry friend will grow depends not only on its breed but also genetics.

Bernedoodle dog’s height reaches its maximum after around 12-14 months of age.

Bernedoodle weight, on the other hand, takes much longer. Your puppy will gain a healthy weight after about 2 years of age.

Take, for example, smaller dogs like Toy Poodle or Miniature Poodle. Their tiny bodies don’t take much time to develop. Hence, they can reach their full weight and height by the age of eight months only.

Medium-sized dogs, like Moyen Poodle, will take about a year to fully develop and reach their adult weight and height.

It’s no surprise that larger dogs take the longest to reach their adult size. Bernese Mountain dogs reach their final weight and height at the age of 3 or older.

How Big Is a Full-Grown Bernedoodle?

Before answering this question, you should know that Bernedoodle breeds are not the same. Their average gaining weight is 50-100 pounds. The exact maximum height and weight will always depend on the specific breed.

Bernedoodle Growth Chart

Each dog’s breed is different, so here is a weight chart over the span of 12 months.

Age Mini Bernedoodle Medium Bernedoodle Standard Bernedoodle
2 months 10 lbs 18 lbs 24 lbs
3 months 14 lbs 25 lbs 33 lbs
4 months 18 lbs 33 lbs 42 lbs
5 months 20 lbs 36 lbs 46 lbs
6 months 22 lbs 40 lbs 52 lbs
7 months 24 lbs 43 lbs 55 lbs
8 months 26 lbs 46 lbs 59 lbs
9 months 27 lbs 48 lbs 62 lbs
10 months 28 lbs 50 lbs 64 lbs
11 months 29 lbs 51 lbs 65 lbs
12 months 29 lbs 52 lbs 66 lbs

When fully grown, you can expect your puppy to gain:

  • Mini Bernedoodle: up to 55 pounds and 22 inches
  • Medium Bernedoodle: up to 75 pounds and 22 inches
  • Standard Bernedoodle: up to or sometimes over 100 pounds and 27 inches tall

The only breed the table lacks is Toy Bernedoodle. This is because they reach maturity pretty quickly and reach a maximum height of 17 inches and weight of 24 pounds.

Keep in mind that the exact dog’s size is almost impossible to accurately predict.

When Are Bernedoodles Full-Grown?

To answer the question, “When do Bernedoodles stop growing?” we need to look at each breed separately.

Basically, when Bernedoodles stop growing in height and weight, we can confidently call them mature. But their development will depend on their parent breeds.

A Bernese Mountain dog takes about 18 months to fully grow in height and up to 3 years to gain its adult weight. In comparison, a Standard Poodle takes the same amount of time to grow in height but 2 years less to gain weight.

As a result, a Standard Bernedoodle puppy needs about 2 years to reach its full weight. In contrast, Miniature Bernedoodles need half the time to mature than a Standard Doodle. Mini Bernedoodles are fully grown by the age of 12 months when their bodies are developed.

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How to Understand Maturity in Dogs

The fact that your Bernedoodle puppy reaches its max weight and height does not mean it’s fully mature. You should pay attention to other cues indicating that your furry friend is an “independent” member of your family.

Your Doodle Becomes Less Curious

We all want our big and small dogs to remain playful and curious at all times. But at some point, most dogs will stop exploring the world around them. And you will notice that they no longer want to bite, lick, or chew everything in their way.

Your Doodle Becomes Less Active

Bernedoodle puppies are known for having a moderate amount of energy, similar to their parent, a Bernese Mountain dog. As your Standard or Mini Bernedoodle grows, it will have less energy but not because of laziness or disinterest, but because there are fewer new things to explore. Hence, as a pet parent, you will need to provide a sufficient amount of activities so that your pup doesn’t develop any health-related issues.

Your Doodle Starts Acting Strangely

As your puppy grows, it will reach sexual maturity between 6 to 9 months of age or later. And when they reach 9 to 11 months of age, their growth plates close. Consult with your vet and learn when it is best to spray or neuter your dog, as some experts believe it is best to do before the growth plates close. Afterward, the procedure may affect hormones and proper bone growth.

Sexual maturity can be compared to puberty, but for dogs, their behavior changes. During this phase, you will notice strange behavior, but thankfully, it’s only temporary.

Your Doodle Will Have All of Its Adult Teeth

Once your pup loses its milky teeth, it’s considered to reach maturity. Note that some dogs have all of their adult teeth at a different timespan, depending on their genetics.

Your Doodle Creates a Strong Bond with You

Mental maturity in dogs is as important as any other. In the first two months of age, puppies stay with their mother, and this is very important for their emotional development. Only after about 8 weeks can they form a connection with humans.

8-week-old Bernedoodles are capable of bonding with humans; hence, you should provide a safe and positive environment for them during that time.

At three months of age, Bernedoodles absorb all the information they receive. This stage is ideal for training, too. Mental maturity involves the feeling of happiness and fear that dogs start to understand and experience.

During mental development, any negative or traumatic situation can imprint in the mind and have a lasting effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether a Bernedoodle is a giant breed depends on the cross.

Standard Bernedoodles weigh about 50-90 pounds and grow 24 inches in height, so they are considered large breeds.

However, some Standard Doodles may be classified as giant breeds because their weight can be over 100 pounds.

The best to keep knowing when your Bernedoodle stops growing is to keep track of its weight and height. On average, 1-year-old doodles are either full-grown or have a decreased growth rate. First, Bernedoodles reach their full height and later continue to gain their adult weight.

Standard Bernedoodles are fully grown by the time they are 2. But they stop growing in height when they are about 18 months of age. For Medium, Mini, and Toy Bernedoodles, the growing period is shorter.

Standard Bernedoodles stop growing at the age of 2. Their smaller brothers, Medium Bernedoodles, are full-grown between 11-15 months of age.

Smaller Bernedoodle breeds, like Mini Bernedoodle and Toy Bernedoodle, require up to 12 months to mature.

Here is the breakdown of the weight expectancy of Bernedoodle dog breeds:

  • Standard Bernedoodle: 70 to 90 pounds
  • Medium Bernedoodle: 40 to 70 pounds
  • Mini Bernedoodle: 24 to 40 pounds
  • Toy Bernedoodle: 10 to 24 pounds


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