The Bernedoodle is a fairly new cross-breed between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle, similar to other designer breeds with poodle parents, such as the Goldendoodle and the cockapoo. This dog’s playful nature makes it a fabulous pet for families, and the Bernedoodle is trainable to become a service dog.

The American Canine Hybrid Club and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club recognize the Bernedoodle, aka the Bernese mountain poo, as the best of both worlds with its dynamic and pleasant personality. Read on to learn more fun facts about Bernedoodles.

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1. Great With Children and as Therapy Dogs

The Bernedoodle is a gentle and friendly dog breed that makes a great family companion. Its fluffy coat makes it resemble a giant teddy bear and has a personality suited to spending time with children. This mixed-breed’s calmness also enables them to make excellent therapeutic dogs.

While you can generally trust the temperament of your Bernedoodle puppy will be loving towards your family, make sure to provide supervision while teaching young children how to play appropriately with a dog.

2. Bernedoodles Are Hypoallergenic Dogs and a Low-Shedding Breed

While dogs aren’t genuinely hypoallergenic, some hybrid dog breeds, such as the Bernedoodle, have less dander than others. Their short and curly fur also sheds less than other breeds with loose hair, helping reduce allergens in the home. Remember that the dog’s saliva is what people are most often allergic to, so choosing a designer breed based on its fur qualities might not be effective if you’re trying to eliminate that risk.

3. Bernedoodles Are Family-Friendly Dogs

They’re incredibly playful and can make excellent play companions for kids who understand playing with dogs safely. Bernedoodles can socialize very rapidly with humans, as well as with other dogs and animals.

4. Mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle Parents

Initially bred by Canadian breeder Sherry Rupke in 2003, the Bernedoodle is a relatively new breed. Rupke began breeding Bernese mountain dogs as a teenager. These large dogs made great service dogs, sturdy and built for work. Unfortunately, customers were shocked to find the dogs lived for only seven years, and one client suggested she breed them with poodles, resulting in the longer-lived Bernedoodle. After selling the first Bernedoodle litter, she realized she was on the right path. Renowned breeders have used her veterinarian studies to provide quality Bernedoodle pets.

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5. Bernedoodle  Puppies Tolerate Colder Weather Over Hotter Weather

Due to its hair’s tight curl and thickness, this fluffy dog fares much better in cold weather. Pet owners in warmer regions can keep their Bernedoodle cool and at a healthy weight with fun outdoor activities, such as chasing streams of water from a hose and playing catch with wet hacky sacks. Make sure your dog stays well hydrated in this case.

6. This Dog Breed Is Not Ideal for Guard Dogs

Bernedoodle s’ friendly nature is excellent for filling their family home with love and joy, but not as useful for protection. Some can be overly friendly and rarely bark at strangers. Even a strange dog or other small animal walking into your backyard may be approached with curiosity rather than caution. 

7. As a Pup of a Bernese Mountain Dog, They Have a Herding Instinct

Bernedoodle s tend to have a high propensity for herding other animals, given their mountain dog lineage. This can be a troublesome trait if not managed correctly, so make sure your Bernedoodle puppies get the right training to use their gifts positively.

8. Great Companion Dog

Rupke’s goal in crossing the two purebreds was to give the dogs a longer life span and other advantages. With a sweet-tempered Bernese mountain dog parent and a poodle parent that loves to cuddle, the result is an incredibly affectionate dog.

Whether a puppy or an older dog, the Bernedoodle is prone to separation anxiety, so you’ll need to consider your lifestyle when choosing to adopt. Because traveling with larger dogs might be more complex, it might be best to adopt a mini Bernedoodle puppy if you’re on the road a lot so it can join you for adventures.

A standard Bernedoodle is well suited to travel, though it might fare better in a car than on a plane or in a kennel, even if it’s undergone crate training. The size of your pet depends mainly on the poodle breeds used for the cross, as parent breeds tend to determine the size and temperament of the pup.

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