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Finding a Los Angeles Bernedoodle breeder, you can trust can be challenging. That’s because Bernedoodle is still a relatively new breed, and there aren’t many breeders in Southern California who specialize in breeding it. And that is where Central Illinois Doodles comes in.

Although we’re an Illinois-based Doodle breeder, we also serve numerous states across the US, including California. Why trust us? Well, as the Midwest’s #1 Doodle breeder, we have the experience and expertise in breeding standard and mini Bernedoodle puppies, providing future dog owners with beautiful, smart, and healthy pups.

Browse through our available puppies for sale and see for yourself why so many US households consider CID one of the best breeders in the country!

Available Bernedoodles For Sale

What Is a Bernedoodle?

The Bernedoodle is a beautiful hybrid of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. Bernedoodle puppies exhibit intelligence and loyalty towards their human family and a gentle nature similar to their purebred dog parents.

The Bernedoodle is renowned for its superb interactive skills with people and is known to be very kind around children and the elderly, making this breed a perfect choice for therapy dogs, as well as family dogs. Mini Bernedoodle pups are also known for their high level of intelligence. Dogs of this breed are also easy to train, too, making them an excellent choice for a furry friend in practically any household.

Most standard and mini Bernedoodles have a moderate activity level, making them adaptable companions in an urban environment, such as Los Angeles, for instance. Like all dogs, they enjoy playing and going for walks. They may pause to explore if something catches their interest, but they are unlikely to venture too far away. Also, if they exhibit the trait of their Poodle parent, they will have a keen knack for retrieving and can gleefully spend hours retrieving balls and sticks.

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What Makes Us the Best Bernedoodle Breeder in Los Angeles?

You may have encountered several Bernedoodle breeders while searching for that perfect puppy. The question is, then, why is Central Illinois Doodles your top choice when choosing a Bernedoodle breeder in Los Angeles? Well, there are several factors that work in our favor, such as our experience and unique approach to breeding that ensures all our Bernedoodle puppies are smart, playful, and, most importantly, healthy.

We boast a vast wealth of experience and a solid reputation, providing a loving and caring home for these adorable furry companions. Our puppies come from healthy purebred parent dogs – Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. Ensuring their health and well-being is a top priority, and we back our claim with a 2-year health guarantee insurance, ensuring their good health.

We also understand that new owners may have concerns about the fostering process. Our commitment to making reservations as stress-free as possible is evident in our hassle-free reservation procedures, which are much faster and more straightforward than many other Los Angeles breeders offer. Our goal is to provide the same level of care to new owners that we give to our puppies, ensuring every pup finds a forever home in a loving family like yours.

Bernedoodle Traits

  • Affectionate, gentle, and goofy personality

  • Calm, docile energy

  • Excellent emotional support dogs

  • Good with children

  • Low-to-non shedding

  • For allergy-friendly needs, F1b puppies are optimal

  • Standard-sized need space to stretch

  • Mini or tiny sizes available for smaller spaces

How to Reserve Your Bernedoodle Puppy?

Like other breeders, we require all new Bernedoodle puppy owners to go through a reservation process. However, what makes CID stand out is that we strive to make this process as effortless and prompt as possible – leaping ahead of several other Doodle breeders that may cause you unnecessary hindrances. It is our priority to provide a hassle-free reservation experience that will ultimately offer you a speedy acquisition of your desired puppy.

How Will We Deliver Mini Bernedoodle Puppies to Los Angeles?

Despite its location in Illinois, CID offers its services to all US residents, including those living in Los Angeles and close areas. Whether you opt to come to us or choose a certified pet flight nanny, we ensure your lovely pup will reach your household safely and as quickly as possible.

Essentially, you have two options for puppy transportation, the first being to visit us directly, which is usually faster and often preferred by our customers. Our proximity to several significant airports makes it easier for you to fly into Illinois and collect your puppy, although we understand that it’s a trip not all people want to take, especially considering the distance between LA and Illinois.

Therefore, alternatively, you can opt for our pet flight nanny services, where a trained professional will fly alongside your pup to your chosen airport, and you can pick them up from there. Regardless of which transportation option you choose, be assured that your pup is delivered safely and happily to your home.

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Bernedoodle Breeder Los Angeles – FAQs

Yes, we provide all our Bernedoodle puppies with a 2-year health guarantee certificate. It covers all dangerous genetic health problems your pup might develop in its first two years. We take our puppies’ health very seriously, providing new owners with peace of mind their puppy will grow healthily and happily.

Still, despite the provided certificate, we encourage all owners to go for a routine check-up within 72 hours of picking up their pup to ensure there are no immediate health threats to attend to.

You can expect your Bernedoodle puppy to grow extensively. It’s a relatively large breed, although your puppy’s size will depend on several factors, such as its parents and the type of the Bernedoodle breed.

Essentially, you can choose between Micro-Mini, Mini, or Standard. Micro-mini Bernedoodles, also called “teddy bears” Bernedoodles, grow up to 17 inches and weigh between 10-24 pounds. Mini Bernedoodles are a bit larger, reaching 22 inches and weighing 30-55 pounds. Standard Bernedoodle puppies are the largest and can grow up to 2.5 feet tall, weighing over 100 pounds.

The price of a Bernedoodle puppy you desire to buy might vary depending on various factors, including the lineage of its parents and the specific type you are interested in acquiring. If you are considering purchasing a Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle puppy, prices start at $4,000 and $500, respectively, at Central Illinois Doodles.

For more information relating to pricing details and additional expenses on our puppies, feel free to visit our pricing page, which offers an in-depth breakdown of our costs.

Los Angeles isn’t the only area in California we serve. We also provide our services to people from San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento.

Besides California, we also transport our Bernedoodle puppies to Missouri, New York, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City. So, if you know anyone living there looking for a reputable Doodle breeder, feel free to recommend us. We’ll be happy to put smiles on the faces of people you love.

Although Bernedoodle puppies are incredibly easy to raise, owning a Bernedoodle is still a huge commitment. First of all, you need to take your pup on regular health checks to ensure they grow healthily. Providing your dog with an appropriate diet is also a must.

Furthermore, with Bernedoodle’s long hair, you need to remember about grooming and combing to prevent excessive shedding. There’s also the need for regular exercise and walks, although since Bernedoodles are relatively calm, they don’t require as much exercise as many other dogs.

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