At Central Illinois Doodles, we are thrilled to match you with the puppy of your dreams. Although we are located in Illinois, don’t let distance be an obstacle in the search of finding your perfect companion.

When you decide which puppy you want to bring home to be part of your family, you have several ways of taking your puppy home with you.

We have Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle puppies living in every corner of the United States and even Canada!

Puppy Delivery Map

Preferred Option

Our preferred way of puppy transport is that you and your family come to our home to pick up our puppy in person.

This allows you to visit our new state of the art puppy nursey and we can give you a tour of where our puppies are born and raised.

You can also meet their parents and see what our process is all about and how seriously we take the health and happiness of our puppies!

However, we understand that making a long car journey may not always be possible for everyone, especially if you’re coming from across the country (or even Canada, which does happen!).

Another great option is for you to fly into one of these airports and then rent a car to make the remaining drive to our home in central Illinois.

Below are our local airports:

  • CMI – Champaign IL: 40min drive
  • IND – Indianapolis IN: 2hrs drive
  • STL – St. Louis MO: 2.5hrs drive
  • ORD – Chicago IL: 3hrs drive

On your return flight back home, the puppy will be able to board the plane with you in a carry-on pet carrier and be by your side the entire trip back home.

Secondary Option

What if I Cannot Make the Trip Myself?

We understand that a cross-country or out-of-state trip may not be an option for you and your family, so we also offer delivery to your airport using a personal flight nanny:

  • cost for a personal flight nanny delivery is $800

What Is a Flight Nanny?

A flight nanny is an animal lover who aids in puppy transportation and delivery when families cannot make the trips themselves.

At Central Illinois Doodles, we use a reputable and responsible flight nanny who provides stress-free puppy transport.

If you cannot pick up the puppy from our family home, our flight nanny is genuinely the best option for you and the puppy.

Benefits of a Flight Nanny

Our flight nannies are experienced and will be with your puppy throughout the entire trip. They meet our puppy’s needs throughout their trip to your closest international airport.

Because the puppy will be in a carry-on pet carrier next to the flight nanny the entire trip, they can keep an eye on your sweet puppy to ensure she gets enough water, has potty time, needs petting or comforting, or feeding when they get hungry.

Our flight nanny will communicate with you and us by sending pictures and updates during the trip before meeting you at the airport.

Having a warm and secure human presence with them is the best and safest way to transport your puppy if you can’t pick up in person.

Once your puppy’s plane lands, the flight nanny will meet you at curbside arrivals and hand your puppy off directly to you and your family.

Why Wait?

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