Just hours outside St. Louis, in Arthur, Illinois, we are a near 5-star breeder raising F1 and F1b Bernedoodle puppies & Goldendoodle puppies.  So if you are looking for the most amazing Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle puppies for reservations in the greater midwest, look no further than Central Illinois Doodles!

And since quality is our middle name and we back your reservations with a two-year health guarantee, get your puppy chow ready, don’t mind the stop and go lights and come over from the “Show Me” state and let us show you what Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle puppies are all about!

The Best Bernedoodle Breeder in St. Louis

If you are St. Louisan or the surrounding area (St. Louis County, Richmond Heights, MO, Clayton, MO, Columbia, MO, Maplewood, MO, Jennings, MO, University City, MO, etc.) and are looking for a dog breeder that offers Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle pups, give us a call or visit our available puppy page to see if our fur babies are a great fit for you and your family.

For new owners, you might be wondering how to place a deposit after discovering a Doodle puppy that you would like to adopt

Central Illinois Doodles’ reservation process is straightforward, trouble-free and much faster than other breeders near St. Louis, MO. 

Moreover, if you have been looking for “Bernedoodle puppies near me,” then you are in the right place! We offer the best Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies in St. Louis, Missouri.

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We believe in getting to know all of our customers to ensure that your puppy is an excellent fit for you and your family. That’s why before placing a deposit, we ask that you please get in touch with us and let us help you find the perfect puppy.

Why Choose Central Illinois Doodles?

At Central Illinois Doodles, our mission is simple — providing puppies with the best possible start in life, so we can set them up for success and provide customers with superior puppies for generations to come.

To accomplish this, we carefully select the parent dogs for each litter, paying close attention to health, temperament, and conformation. We also provide our puppies with a loving and nurturing environment, socializing them early so that they are well-adjusted and ready to meet their new St. Louis families.

We are dedicated to improving the breeds and are committed to producing puppies that will bring joy and happiness to your home.

Central Illinois Doodles’ commitment is 100% satisfaction on all your Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle Puppies. Visit us today to meet your new best friend!

What’s Not to Love About Bernedoodles in St. Louis?

One thing’s for sure, at Central Illinois Doodles, we have seen these cuddly dogs become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With their signature curly coats and outgoing personalities, Bernedoodles make wonderful family pets. If you’re thinking of adding one of these pups to your home, reach out to us today and reserve your Doodle puppy.

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FAQs for Bernedoodles & Goldendoodles in St. Louis

F1 Bernedoodle breed (First Generation Cross)

As a first-generation crossbreed cross, you can expect the Bernedoodle to be 50% Bernese Mountain Dog blended with 50% Poodle. The initial generation cross between 2 purebred dogs is considered the healthiest because of a genetic trait called hybrid vigor. Because the Bernedoodle is a first-generation crossbreed, the likelihood of inheriting a genetic disease is not likely unless both pure-blooded pets were carriers.

F1b Bernedoodle breed

An F1b is a back cross between an F1 Bernedoodle blended with a Standard Poodle. That means that the newborn Bernedoodle puppy will certainly be 25% Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with 75% Poodle. Due to the curly coats and non-shedding genes of Poodles, the Bernedoodle is less likely to shed in comparison to an F1 Bernedoodle that is just 50% Poodle. With this combination, the F1B Bernedoodle is also known to be allergy-friendly.

WalletHub released its 2021 “Most Pet-Friendly Cities” and St. Louis is #6 out of the top 100 most populated cities in the US! “The provision of animal-friendly green spaces, including public parks and well-designed dog parks, is an important measure,” Lindsay Mehrkam, an assistant professor at Monmouth University, said in a statement.”

In addition, planning committees should ensure these spaces are accessible not only by automobiles but also by foot and/or bike. In addition, there’s more need for green space where owners can walk their dogs on a leash if they are not comfortable with a dog park setting. Also, ensuring access to affordable, pet-friendly housing is huge.  

St. Louis has all of this plus more! 

A Bernedoodle is another reason for you to bring home as a companion if you are one of the people with allergies. Since their Poodle breed parents make the Bernedoodles’ coat allergy-friendly, you can expect less shedding when compared to other family dogs. When you compare Bernedoodles vs Bernese Mountain Dogs, the Bernedoodles are low to non-shedding due to the wavy hair they inherited from the Poodle parent.

If you’re looking for a friendly, cuddly dog to join your family, you can’t go wrong with a Bernedoodle. Easily recognizable thanks to their signature curly coats, Bernedoodle puppies bring love, happiness and energy to any home.  They are known for being intelligent, affectionate and easy to train. They also have low-shedding coats that make them ideal for families with allergies. 

So if you’re looking for a lovable, furry addition to your family, a Bernedoodle is a perfect choice.

We all know that the summers in St. Louis are hot and muggy, the winters are very cold and snowy and it is partly cloudy year round — that’s what makes the typical Bernedoodle puppy’s wavy, curly coat (from the poodle parent) and a black, brown and white pattern (from the Bernese mountain dog) perfect. Bernedoodles (unlike other puppies) each have unique factors to them.  Bernedoodles are found in three main size options:

  • Toy Bernedoodles
  • Mini Bernedoodles
  • Standard Bernedoodles

Toy Bernedoodles are a Bernese mountain dog and toy poodle mix.  They’re generally less than 15 inches in height and between 10 and 25 pounds in weight. As small dogs, they tend to age more slowly than larger versions.  This cross-breed is perfect no matter where you live in St. Louis.

The mini Bernedoodle is produced by using miniature Poodles.  Despite the name, they’re medium-sized dogs and are around 20 inches tall and 25 to 50 pounds.  They’re slightly smaller than standard Bernedoodles, which can reach up to 30 inches in height and 90 pounds in weight.  This cross-breed would fit in perfectly with the Victorian-style homes in Lafayette Square or in the gated yards of the Gate District.

Most Bernedoodles retain the curly or wavy coats found in poodles (which is what makes them low-shedding and hypoallergenic).  However, you’ll sometimes find Bernedoodles with straight coats. Although straight-furred Bernedoodles are just as happy-go-lucky and energetic as curly-haired ones, they typically shed more (good for those hot and muggy St. Louis summers…)

One of the most important factors to consider when getting a new dog is temperament.  Here are a few leading characteristics of Bernedoodles.


Just like the Bernese mountain dog, Bernedoodles are very active dogs that enjoy running around and playing with their loved ones. Ideally, Bernedoodles should get about 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day.  You can go for walks, put fido in one-of-a-kind obstacle courses, socialize with your pup and play neverending games of fetch in local parks like Southwest City Dog Park, the historic Lucas Dog Park, or Benton Park Dog Park.


If there’s one thing Bernedoodle dog owners can agree on, it’s that this breed is smart.  Treat their intelligence by personally training them in well-spaced and populated areas, like Boathouse at Forest Park.

If you want the pros to manage training, we recommend St. Louis dog trainers, such as The Doghouse, Greater St. Louis Training Club (GSLTC) or No Leash Needed (with 6 locations throughout St. Louis and St. Charles).

However, they also require consistent mental stimulation.  You can satisfy this need by investing in some puzzle toys at local small businesses like the boutique of Lola and Penelope’s, the health market at Four Muddy Paws or Treats Unleashed.


Bernedoodles make incredibly loyal and affectionate companions.  Once they form a bond with someone, they will be fiercely protective of them.  This makes them great guard dogs in some of the crime-ridden parts of St, Louis, while adding that extra security blanket on evening walks.

They will always be there to cuddle with their owners and shower them with love.  Doodle loyalty is one of the most admirable qualities in a dog.  Bernedoodles make great family pets because of their affectionate nature.  They are loving, loyal, and protective of their loved ones.  Doodle cuddles are the best!  If you are looking for a furry friend that will shower you with love and loyalty, a Bernedoodle is a perfect dog for you.


Bernedoodles can be guarded and cautious when they first meet someone.  However, once they warm up and develop trust with a human, they’ll turn into the most loving, friendly dogs out there.  As long as they’ve been properly socialized, they can get along with just about anyone, from young children and adults to strangers and other pets.  So take them out for brunch at a dog-friendly restaurant.  We know they would love Biggies Restaurant & Bar and sit while you sip at Tamm Ave. Bar.

If you want to come on our Illinois side of the river, Camp Dogwood is the perfect retreat and known as “…the Planet’s Best Dog Destination” – Animal Planet

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