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Iowa is home to some of America’s most well-known household names — John Wayne, Johnny Carson, Herbert Hoover, and Grant Wood (to name a few) — but the one thing missing from your household is an adorable Bernedoodle puppy.

If you live in Rock Valley, Northeast Iowa, Des Moines, or along the Mississippi Valley and search for “Bernedoodle puppies for sale in the Iowa area,” know we are Midwest’s most reputable breeder, producing healthy puppies ready to walk alongside you no matter where you are in Iowa.

As a Bernedoodle breeder in the Midwest, we take pride in our health-tested parents – two-year health guarantee, countless 5-star reviews, our easy-as 1,2,3 reservation process, and our upcoming available litters.

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What Is a Bernedoodle Puppy?

The Bernedoodle is a generation cross between two wonderful purebreds: the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. This successful hybrid has been known to have intelligence, loyalty towards its human family members, gentle nature like that of its parent’s breeds, and excel in interactivity with people.

Bernedoodles are very gentle around children and the elderly. They are also known to make excellent therapy dogs. Furthermore, due to their high level of intelligence, mini Bernedoodle puppies are very straightforward to train, making them a perfect canine companion for practically any home. 

Indeed, with so many numerous traits, Bernedoodles, despite their relatively young presence, have quickly become one of the most popular breeds nationwide.

As for their temperament, most Bernedoodle puppies have a moderate activity level. Like most dogs, they love to play and go for walks. As puppies and adult dogs, they may stop and explore if something interests them, but they never stray far. If they take after their Poodle parent, they may even have a knack for retrieving and can spend endless hours bringing back balls and sticks.

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What Makes Us a Reputable Bernedoodle Breeder near Iowa?

Earlier this year, 17 Iowa dog breeders were ranked among the worst in the nation. The list is compiled by the Human Society using the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state inspection reports. These breeders, some even Bernedoodle breeders, are the antithesis of how we provide Iowa families with loving, genetically superior Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle puppies for sale.

As a responsible breeder with Bernedoodle puppies for sale in Iowa, we strive to be as much of a family for your puppy as they will be a new family member with you.

We don’t rush upcoming litters — we don’t take shortcuts in our breeding program — we want you to understand better what a Bernedoodle is, how it will work for you and your family, and make happy customers across Iowa.

At Central Illinois Doodles, we raise exceptional Bernedoodle puppies in a loving and caring environment. We are dedicated to following a responsible breeding program. Our focus is on keeping all our puppies healthy and happy when they find their new homes.

How to Reserve a Bernedoodle Puppy from Central Illinois Doodles?

Our reservation process is incredibly straightforward, ensuring you can become a proud Bernedoodle puppy owner without too much fuss and confusion. We want to provide you with the smoothest experience possible. Our approach is faster than many Doodle breeders in the area, as our focus is to ensure your new four-legged family member is with you in no time. 

How Does Central Illinois Doodles Get A Bernedoodle Puppy to Iowa?

Central Illinois Doodles is located in the South East corner of Illinois (just South of Champaign/Urbana), meaning we are only within a 3-6 hour drive from the beautiful state of Iowa. 

What are our puppy transportation options? Our preferred way is for you to come to us. The fastest way is by plane, and since there are over 42 public and private airports in Iowa, you have plenty of options, no matter where in the state you live. 

Generally speaking, we highly recommend checking your nearest International Airport to see if they accommodate flights to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW), or Willard Airport at the University of Illinois (CMI).

If you can’t make it to us, we will constantly update you on your reserved puppy’s progress and can ship your tiny Bernedoodles for sale in Iowa to you with a certified pet nanny for a safe and secure trip. 

Before you make your reservation, you can contact us for more information:
Phone Number: (217) 549-7589
Email: [email protected]

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Health Tested


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Lifetime Support

Bernedoodle Breeders in Iowa FAQs

Some of the best Bernedoodle breeders, like us, will offer a 2-Year Health Guarantee to show you we mean business! Once a Bernedoodle litter is born, we take our Doodles to a licensed veterinarian for genetic testing, where all our puppies receive all required shots to ensure excellent health.

When a litter is available, we post the parents along with the pups. You can review their bio, see previous litters, their well-being, and why our adult dogs are superior. When buying from Central Illinois Doodles, however, you can rest assured the parents, both the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, are purebred.

At Central Illinois Doodles, we breed two types of Bernedoodle puppies – standard and mini Bernedoodles. And while both these types are incredibly adorable, they do come with several unique traits.

Standard Bernedoodles: Our F1 Standard Bernedoodles result from breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog to a Standard Poodle. This first-generation cross (50% Bernese/50% Poodle) produces wavy, low to non-shedding, allergy-friendly coats.

The Standard Bernedoodle is typically a low-energy dog and makes a great companion for a relatively inactive person. Iowa families love our Standards for their goofy, calm, and affectionate personalities.

Mini Bernedoodles: Our F1 Mini Bernedoodles result from breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog to a Mini Poodle. This first-generation cross (50% Bernese/50% Mini Poodle) produces wavy, low to non-shedding, allergy-friendly coats.

The Mini Bernedoodle is a medium-energy dog, which makes them an excellent balance of mellow and small bursts of athletic energy. Iowa families love our Mini Bernedoodles for their charming, loving, intelligent personalities.

From Cedar Rapids to Sioux City to Waterloo and everywhere in between — Iowa offers outstanding living experiences for a Doodle puppy. As a Hawkeye, you will want to ensure your pup stays sharp, so take them to the vast number of dog parks, friendly resorts, and countless state parks. Bring Fido outlines some of the best dog-friendly spots for you and your pup to get well acquainted.

While Iowa doesn’t require pet insurance, Central Illinois Doodles recommends purchasing a policy.

Whether you and your pup are strolling through Pappajohn Sculpture Park in Des Moines or hiking at McCloud Run Park in Cedar Rapids, an accident or illness could strike your pet anytime. A pet insurance policy ensures you can provide your adorable mini Bernedoodle with the necessary treatment without worrying about a hefty vet bill. Here is a link to the 7 best pet insurance providers in Iowa.

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